superstarpanou (Fan Art Portfolio) Oh, How I Wish

Oh, How I Wish
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Sigh, I wish Harima ended up with Yakumo~! QnQ I like them together waaaayyy better. Why, oh why~~~ D:

Hm... they look like they're in a hotel room... that was not intended at all. XDDD *SHOT* Love Harima's thread of heart hair sticking out though~ XDD

Lineart took foreeevvvvverrrrrr! @[email protected] But coloring was fun, especially the hair~ I tried something new and used this tutorial and also this one a bit~~ That artist is so talented~ *o*

I was also about to put in English and Japanese, "I love you so much" by Harima's head (cuz of Yakumo's mind-reading ability like in the anime), but not knowing any Japanese at all, I didn't want to mess it up haha~~ *doesn't want to be put to shame*

Ahem, anywho, dedicated to LucCalar-san~ Thanks for the tip on clipping masks! I used a bunches on this one~~ I'll send you this file soon~~ My connection is slow at the moment~ >,< Oh, and I found the piano one-one too! It was hidden deep in my recycle bin~~ *facepalms* Haha... I'll send you that one soon too! ENJOY!

Time: The whole day... @[email protected]
Used: SAI and Photoshop CS3

One pattern made and rest from psychobob textures site.

School Rumble Fan Art
cg, harima, kenji, tsukamoto, yakumo
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