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Scaredy Cat
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WUT WUT? No Amnesia section? WELL DEN 8I *posts art anyways*

A long while ago my friend said something about seeing Daniel as a neko and it annoying her because it was 'kawaii desu'. I then had it in my mind to do my own version that wasn't cute, but rather portrayed Daniel how I see him.

This week I played Amnesia and went on a rabid fanart search...and found many pictures of kawaii desu neko Daniel complete with uke yaoi stuff.

Needless to say I felt a little more compelled to throw out my own version. Not saying theirs is wrong or anything. It just wasn't how I viewed Daniel.

So here's my take on Daniel with cat ears and tail. Even threw in a ribbon for lulz. If this was colored it'd be green after that infamous horror story with the girl who had a ribbon around her neck (some versions it's red. I was told it was green).

I settled for Daniel being a mutt after not being able to find a proper breed of cat in Britain for that time period. Although I couldn't portray it properly, there's some fur missing in the tail.

It was fun trying to work out the proper look of 'terror' and slight insanity. Plus, I still managed to make Daniel cute in a 'poor bloke needs a hug' way rather than a big eyed innocent way.


Daniel is from the horror game Amnesia which I've absolutely fallen in love with.

Amnesia Fan Art
Amnesia, Amnesia the dark descent, Daniel
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