Eneko (Fan Art Portfolio) For Val-chan: My Half of the Arttrade (Finally!) >w<

For Val-chan: My Half of the Arttrade (Finally!) >w<
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Sooooo here's my half of Val-chan's and my arttrade we agreed to do a while back!! I finally finished it!! Due to major procrastinating on my part, I only found what to draw maybe two weeks ago? "OTL I just have a hard time thinking of poses T^T

So this is a representation of what it will be like when we finally meet each other >w< If you already saw Val-chan's comic she just uploaded, called 'Eko's Gift' I think, this will make more sense. We were texting one day (which she referred to in her picture) and this is how the convo kinda went:

Me: I still think it's amazing how small the world is if I can be texting someone in South America >w<

Val: X3 I know!! It amazes me :DD and also makes me so happy! *dances around happily*

Me: Lol I can just imagine both of us when we meet, the first thing we do is hug really tight and then start squeeing very loud and going out of control and jumping around and stuff for at least half an hour and we will keep saying over and over: "AAAHHH THIS IS SO COOL OMB!!!"

Val: OMB! *bursts out laughing because she knows it is going to be like that* I sooo have to draw this!!

ANYWAY, so here it is!! I decided (and Val-chan agreed) to draw us in the same clothes and the same hairstyles as the half that she did; to show the similarities and to show that they are two halves of an arttrade, but to also show the difference in styles and such.

Here's the link to her half, so y'all can see it and compare! :3

Yeah, I made ourselves look younger accidentally..... ah well, It's already finished and I can't do anything about it. Enjoy us as 13 year olds! XDDDD

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