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A Study In Scarlet
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I keep wanting to type A Study In Pink so bad! *shakes fist*

We were assigned a project this past week in English. We had to make a movie poster based off of the books we're reading. I'm reading Sherlock Holmes, so I decided to do A Study in Scarlet (the first novel featuring Holmes and Watson). We had to cast new people, so sadly I couldn't use Benedict Cumberbatch or Martin Freeman. Boo. It took me a while, but I finally came up with the cast.

Sherlock Holmes: Matt Smith
John Watson: Arthur Darvill
Detective Inspector G. Lestrade: Mark Harmon
Lucy Ferrier: Anna Torv
Jefferson Hope: Orlando Bloom

Fun fact! Matt Smith auditioned for the role of John in Sherlock (if you haven't seen it, pfff on you, big time)! I thought about it long and hard. He was my first choice for Watson, but then Rory came into mind and I thought I should switch the roles. I can't see Arthur being all mean like Holmes sometimes is. The rest of the cast, I didn't have to think about too hard (except for Bloom, he was just random). If I've learned one thing from this project, it's that I need work on drawing Mark Harmon. Lol.

But I'm fairly proud of this one. Hopefully I'll get a good grade on the project.

Got all the fonts from, if you're wondering. The fonts are A Trip To Hell and Back and Jellyka - Nathaniel, A Mystery.

Now someone needs to make this. Go Moffat, go!

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