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This series and Gurren Lagann are pretty much the only things keeping me in the anime world.

1. How could you not adore these fine fellows? I. LOVE. THEM. SO. MUCH. PERIOD.
2. This hasn't actually happened in the manga, but in my mind it has along with so much more.
3. True story. That was me about 3-4 years ago. POH-NEE-TAYL(OR)
4. It's not that I hate himmmm but everyone and their mother is just GAGA over Lavi. But, I have to admit, as I draw him more, I get more fond of him. I have to say, I can't hate any D. Gray-man character. They're all so wonderful.
5. I love Allen/Lenalee!!! Lenalee is my favoritest anime girl ever; I love her to pieces! Link/Allen is a close second favorite, I must admit. And every now and then I'll love me some Bak/Lena. Bak is so cuuute <3 <3
6. I hate it when people hit me in the face with their butt and make me spit out my food.
7. I'm on a mission to draw all of my favorite characters as Sailor Moon & co. Link = DOWN.
8. Where the f*&( is Link, Hoshino? WTF WOMAN GET HIM BACK HERE.
9. Ilikethesetwotootutu. Though currently I'm all over Kanda/Alma.
10. Watchdog desu desu desu desu.

Yup yup. I forgot if I'm allowed to post memes here. It'll be our secret.

D.Gray-man Fan Art
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