Nino Umaka (Fan Art Portfolio) Ushio's Elf - Outfit concepts

Ushio's Elf - Outfit concepts
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For sasoriofredsnd's challenge 'Ushio needs YOU! *points to you*'

...I hope you can make sense of this! If you need help deciphering just give me the word and I can see what I can do. Ushio really got my creating juices flowing with this you can see it's exactly a character creating can still see all my outlines! O_O All of the colors are all on one layer, so yeah, no good coloring for you!

I did come up with three outfits...I could come up with more, but I didn't want to take my chances. The third one is my personal fav. Weapons were left out...because I forgot...sorry! I could draw some up...but that's up you you Ushio!

Ushio if you want to see one of these done completely, like extra outline gone colored neatly just tell me and I'd be glad to do it. You can change colors however you want...I'm uncreative when I comes to colors.

This will most likely be moved to drafts after the enjoy my horrible scribbled handwriting as you can!


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Ushio needs YOU! *points to you*
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