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Pokemon Trainer Miyo
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I thought Miyo's original outfit was too busy, so I simplified and tweeked it a bit. My pokemon fantrainer, Miyo~

Age: 16
Height: 5'5
Build: Thin
Eye color: Grey-Brown
Hair color: Orangey-Peach

She uses normal, electric, and water type pokemon.

Her team consists of
Clefairy lv 60
Horsea lv 45
Raichu lv 50
Minun lv 40

Lives in Hoenn, has all 8 badges but can't beat the Elite Four (due to her laziness when it comes to training her team) Blows all of her money on furniture for her secret base and dolls.

Aaron's girlfriend/mistress, likes the beach, blah blah blah

That's about it!

ALSO, DON' BE HATIN' MY TRADITIONAL SKILLS. Oh god i suck at trad...

Pokemon Fan Art
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