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Emil Castagnier
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OMG! Art! And Holy Cow Katty actually drew a BOY!! WERE ALL GONNA DIE!! DX
lol i kid, i'm just tickling your funny bone! XD

but yes...i actually drew a guy! no, i'm not a lesbo people its just I've never been good at drawing boys....so i never draw them! XD but i brought up my courage and drew Emil and guess what.....I THINK IT LOOKS AWESOME!! I think i did pretty darn good....but i killed Emil's sexiness...T^T
oh and if any of you say he looks like a girl i'll kick your ass so hard you'll shit side ways! D:< naw...i kidd..-w- but i'm serious too! >.>

Marta was originally in it but i took her out when i was sketching...why? cause i didn't want any girls in it! >w>

so, this is just a simple drawing of Emil, and it didn't take me to long to draw since i didn't put Marta in it! took about 2 hours lol

oh and this is a gifty for my buddy Danni! YES DANNI I DREW A BOY!! i hope u like my crappy drawing of Emil! ha! i CAN draw boys....when i want too! XD
surprise! LMAO! XD so yes....my first attempt at drawing Emil!
hope u love it Danni...i mean Emil! mommy Estelle loves you! XD


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