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Crescent Kick
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This is a character I've been wanting to draw for a while.

This picture is actually pretty old...well...the pose was, I just re-did it a bit...

This would be the main character for an action manga if I ever made one...O.o Or fighting game! ^ ^

He doesn't have a name, yet, like my last character (the bubblegum roller skates one), and I'm not really sure of this design, and he doesn't always wear these clothes, I mean, when he's fighting on the street, yes, but when he's fighting in a tournament or something, he actually dresses up.

This guy is running a double life. By day he's a simple student, by night he is a famous street fighter (no, I'm not referring in any way to that game, I'm saying that he fights on the streets). His nickname or secret identity is called Ace (because he's really cocky and thinks that's a cool name for the coolest...>.>) because of his jewelry that says Ace on it.

He's very famous on the news and is wanted for many crimes that he has done, with vandalism, and stealing, and bunch of other bad things. And he usually wears kabuki-like make-up to hide his identity and has a hoodie to hide it even more.

But during the day he's a student. Why does he still go to school? Because he actually likes school and loves to learn. In fact, he's at the top of his class. And at school he's in disguise as a little nerdy boy (chubby nerdy boy, has to hide his muscles somehow...), and nobody knows of his other identity because he does a good job of keeping is secret from everyone (As a result of his secrecy, he has little to no friends).

He's not extremely muscular like most guys (who fight) because he isn't into all of that brute force and uses more strategy (because he's surprisingly very smart).

And despite all his crimes and bad acts at night, he's actually very innocent. He doesn't do drugs and hasn't 'done it' with any girl, actually, he's never kissed a girl (not that it's really crossed his mind), but he's REALLY popular with the girls and they immediately flock to him every time a fight starts, and he has a few girls at school who have a crush on him...(he's not disgusting, he's a nice guy).

There's more, but I don't want to tell you guys EVERYTHING about him.

And about the picture, if anybody who takes marital arts (mainly Kenpo...isn't that where this move is from? Well, that's where I learned it) he's not kicking in the right form. I originally had him in the right form, but then I decided that it didn't look like something he'd do. He's smart, but he's never been taught how to fight (he learned on his own and is surprisingly very talented at it) so his form is wrong and had him flinging one of his arms out (because that happens if you're not in the right form).

I'm pretty proud of this! ^ ^ See, I can draw...kinda manly men...with muscles....^ ^ I liked drawing men's muscles! XD I remembered when I refused to draw muscles on men, and now I keep wanting to put more and more! XD

Oh! And I used my hands and feet as reference, but I made them bulkier and tried making them more manly...but if they look feminine at all, that's probably why...^ ^;

Time to go to bed, I'm probably bothering my parents right now, too...(It's 3:00 AM...O.o WAAAAAY past my bed time, which is usually 9:00 PM....XD).

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