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TheNewBlack [Kurosawa Itou]

Hiya everyone!! OMG It's been like 2 months since I've submitted anything on here! >.< And sadly this is the only thing I'm allowed to draw while I'm in Korea right now...
I wanted to thank everyone so so much that commented on my World seriously are the bestest friends ever and all of you provided consolation that, sadly, none of my real life friends provided believe it or not. Most of my real life friends just said I hope you feel better and that's it. But you all really put your thoughts and hearts into what you said to me and I'm truly truly grateful to have so many wonderful friends. Thank you guys so so much<3

Regarding this pic...this character actually has a really special meaning to me, but if I started on that, it'd be a while xDD This is Kurosawa Itou...and for some of you who know about my own original story that I've been working on, this is him. I've actually had him, his story, and design in my head for a while but I haven't had a chance to draw him until now. Of course his design might be revised again, but for now I really like this typicalshoujoguymystyleotl.

It's not often that I submit Gaiaonline-related arts here because I feel like I'm dumping them on you guys(and of course I should show nothing less than my best work here), but I really liked this one and I hope you all do too. This is for an auction I'm doing with Fire Fox Sakurie, Sora Hanaki, iKarebear, and Unknown Rumors on Gaiaonline, so I'm super excited! The auction theme is called The New Black, and my color combination was Gold and Black, hence the colors. I did some experimenting with lights, effects, and coloring/colors in general for this. Also some minor experiments with style, especially regarding the eyes, but I liked the result overall.

I'll write up a profile of some sorts here later, but for now here's my OC Kurosawa Itou. He will probably end up doubling up as my Pokemon OC trainer because that was actually my initial purpose for making him xD
Nonetheless, I hope you all love this. And Truly-chan I really really apologize for not being able to enter your contest. As you read from my post, you know a lot has been happening for me, and despite all of that I really feel like I owed you that entry >.< I've even got the sketch almost done but it's too late now *sigh*. So anyway thank you so much for being so kind as always Truly-chan<3 You really are wonderful! *hugs*

And Happy Birthday to my sis Kiyoko-chan!!<333(aka fire.freak) I love you so so much and you've been soo busy, so you really really deserve a wonderful birthday! I hope it's everything you wanted! ^^ And since you know about my original story, plus it's your birthday, this is for you girly<3 Love you bunches sis!

Pic and Itou(c)Me(aragorn1014/Sayura/Riiya22 of gaiaonline)
Done in Photoshop Elements 5.0 with Wacom Intuos3 Tablet

Take care everyone! Please do hug/fave/comment if you may! (and to my friends, I shall get around to commenting yours soon!)

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