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A Challenger Approaches
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Hmm... I don't know where to start. This is Kozai an OC I made to fight in the Otaku Battle Royale tournament~ After being sucked into the internet I was quickly overcome by Art Block. Kozai was the last thing I created before disappearing into the dark abyss of being unable to draw. She fights in the OBR to return my skills to me. And that's her story.
Weapons/Attacks: Kozai is a hypnotist-magician. The giant watch/clock she carries with her lulls her enemies to spell. Afterwards she uses her absorb spell to drain them of power. This relates to me in the fact that I take a lot of time to draw and things~, I wish my work was hypnotizing, and my art is the mixture of all the things I have seen, or absorbed. Kozai can also the powers she's absorbed in attacks, or in summoning my previously created OCs. I suppose she can also swing her watch around and bash people on the head with it too...
Outfit/Clothes: Kozai wears a blue&orange track suit because it looks cool. She has headphones with hypno-swirls that play music depending on the situation she's in. I don't really know why she's bandage. Maybe the Art Block got her. Maybe it just looks cool. Her clothes relate to me because I seem to use a lot of blue in my art works, I love vibrant colours, I have to listen to music when I draw, and I like useless cool looking things.
Other/Misc: I named her Kozai because I've been watching alot of Avatar: The Last Airbender, and that was the first thing that came to mind. I apologize for the lame perspective, I hadn't planned on it when I started but I suppose it's alright. LOL I just realized the tick marks on the clock are a little off, but they are suppose to be 12,3,6, and 9. Shading was really hard for me for some reason. It took me forever to get it right. I really like this OC and want to draw her more~

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