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Pffffft I used to be a total Ikutau lover, but then it was revealed they were siblings so I was liek Nooooo whyyyyy? sobsobsob OTL But I still prefer it over Amuto so yeaaaaah 8D I think it still has a faint place in my heart.. -shot down- Sorry~ ;3;

Utau is my favorite character in Shugo Chara~ I love her headstrong and multiple-personality-ness and her fashion~ I never liked Amu even before I started watching the show lolz XD OTL I noticed I don't usually like pink-loving main characters in shojo anime in general <__<;
Anyway, I drew this a while ago but didn't color it till yesterday XD It's supposed to show how Ikuto was almost never there for Utau and she misses him and doesn't want him to leave her for the 10293393th time so he wants to make it up and comforts her or something. :P
I attempted to record the coloring with HyperCam (which I just downloaded yesterday<3) but Windows Movie Maker doesn't let me speed it up, so it's a full 1 hour and 10 minutes long and I can't seem to find a way to shorten it XD OTL

There isn't enough Utau art on here ;A; (or a pic of Utau and Ikuto together for that matter XD) she needs more loooove ò//3//ó

Shugo Chara! Ikuto & Utau © PEACH-PIT

-drawn in pencil, colored in Open Camvas 1.1, effects in Arcsoft PhotoStudio 5.5

Shugo Chara Fan Art
ikuto, shugo chara, utau
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