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Lol, there is no Current Event category. Just a passive(ish) commentary on the current oil spill crisis...

Political Commentary/Rant
I feel almost bad for the BP execs; every time they open their mouths at a press conference, their words are immediately misconstrued and twisted to work against them. Though most of the time their words are crucifying enough already, haha. No wonder these guys refuse to speak with Anderson Cooper, or anyone for that matter!

To me, these guys like Tony Hayworth are just sharks (as are all CEOs), hoping to fix the problem at the least cost possible. As much as we'd like to think otherwise, anyone would do the same thing they are in order to save their own company from bankruptcy. If you or me steals a cookie from the jar, then you can't deny that we'll always point the finger at someone else in order to save our own skins. That's exactly what's happening right now, but with bigger cookies at stake. I believe that the BP execs are really just scapegoats in the whole matter, anyway. If it wasn't for our desperate need for automotive transport sucking dry the Middle East (except for that recent trillion-dollar find? Huzzah!) and subsequently forcing us to drill out in the Gulf in the first place, then none of this would have happened. I say that we have only ourselves to blame. LET'S BUILD SOME CARS POWERED BY TRASH; THEN WE'LL BE GETTING SOMEWHERE!

1 hour.

PS: I was going to put words in the oil speech bubble, but I decided not to because I have no idea what I'd write in, lol. Oh well. If I decide something later, I'll update the picture.

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