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Otaku Battle Royal ref
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I made simple (I know it’s crappy) ref for my contest I just uploaded. The rules was confusing folks (OH GAWD I'M SO SORRY YOU GUYS) so I made this to clear things up.

The rules is just combine the things that you like/draw/do into a special power. You don't have to dress the part like I showed in this picture. You just need a special power that relates to things you do/like/etc as an artist.

I love to do decoden/craft and draw sweets. I love sailor moon so I made myself as an decoden magical girl. I have a giant craft knife and I also threw in a deadly bag of whip cream.

I use fake whip cream in deco den and I use my craft knife for my crafts so my made those into my weapons/powers.

To help further just use this formula to help how to come up with your powers.

Mediums I use: pencil, colored pencils, copics, etc

I'm inspired by: an anime, a certain artist, nature,

I like to: eat, listen to music: when I draw

This is just a sample to go by, you can add remove what you see fit.

Then all you do is combine one or more things into a special power! You can have a giant copic sword. Or music CD throwing disks. Or both! Whatever suits you fancy.

I hope this helps!

*runs off to make a better ref picture*

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otaku battle royal ref
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