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Another portrait practice, with some cool-colored lighting.

SPOILERS (as well as personal theories) FOR BIOSHOCK 2 FOLLOW

So, this is what I imagine Johnny Topside looked like before he became Subject Delta. From what Stanley said in his audio diaries, to me in-game, etc, it kind of sounded like Topside was the definition of stud: a deep-sea diver who discovered Rapture, who integrated himself into the lives of the residents and ended up becoming somewhat of a celebrity. I figure that based on that description, he ought to have a heroically-constructed face and a few scars from his "adventures."

As for his coloring, I like to think that right after he was accepted into Rapture, he met Sofia Lamb, and fell in love (yes, I am a romantic at heart). They had Eleanor together, and she ended up taking after her father emotionally and physically. After she got old enough to be bonded with someone, they believed the best choice would be to her own father, Topside, because the shared genetics would make it easier to bond the pair. Both consented to the experiment, and became Big Daddy and Little Sister.

But after he became bonded to her and put into the Big Daddy suit, he suddenly realized the full scope of the mistake he just made, and what was happening to the residents (becoming Splicers, obsessing over ADAM), and what might happen to Eleanor. He believed that he, Sofia, and Eleanor should escape back to the surface where they would be safe, but Sofia refused. Bioshock 2 starts shortly after this.

When he shot himself, Topside damages the part of the brain that regulates memory, which results in his need to be guided through Rapture to find Eleanor.

Then, at the end of the game, the different sequences show how Topside's actions and genetic similarities influenced Eleanor. She becomes a mirror-image of her father, which could mean going ape or becoming a gentle, kindred spirit.


Yeah. That was my theory. I freaking love this game so much. It leaves a lot to the imagination, while still explaining the necessities and giving a firm background to base said imagination-ideas off of. I got so emotionally attached to Delta that by the end of the game, I was bawling at the ending sequence (even though I got the good ending). Greeeatttttt game and certainly lives up to Bioshock Original Recipe.

1.5 hours.
Beyond the Sea - Bobby Darin.

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Refined a little.

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