SandLover13 (Fan Art Portfolio) Maggie the Mismagius

Maggie the Mismagius

My gijinka for the Pokemon Gijinka revolution club. Here is her profile.

Pokemon: Mismagius
Name: Maggie
Age: 16
Hair color: dark violet
Hair length: Hair reaches near knees
Eye color: Yellow with red pupil
Skin tone: Pale
Type of Pokemon: Ghost
Gender: Female
Height: 5' 11"
Weight: 90 lbs.
Held item: None
Relationships: None yet
Attacks: Lucky Chant, Hypnosis, Astonish, Psywave, Shadow Ball and Nightmare
Personality: Quiet, anti-social, smart, territorial, wants to make friends
Hometown: Hearthome City (Sinnoh Region)
Likes: pranks, having fun, making new friends, night time
Dislikes: sleeping, being alone, talking a lot
Fears: Having no friends or upsetting someone
Weaknesses: Other Ghost and Dark type pokemon
Strengths: Poison, Bug, Normal, Fight, and Ground pokemon
Full Outfit: purple witches hat, red three-jeweled necklace, purple dress with pinks rims, dark purple stocking, black shoes
Looks: a tall woman who looks like a witch
Background: Maggie used to be a Misdrevous owned by a very young (7 year old) male trainer who lived in Hearthome City. Bounty Hunters were ordered to capture a new pokemon gijinka. They captured both the boy and Maggie into a hideout.
Then they took out a Dusk Stone, forcing Maggie to evolve into a Mismagius. Angered, Maggie used Hypnosis on the Hunters. The guys fell asleep while Maggie and her trainer escape. A flash occured, but Maggie did not notice it nor noticed that the flash changed her into a Pokemon Gijinka. When the trainer showed his mother Maggie, the mother freaked out and ran away, taking the young boy with her. Abandonned by the family that used to love her, Maggie ran away crying into a cave outside the city. Her screeches gave nightmares to every human. When she looked at the lake one day, she realized why her trainer ran away. She lived in a cave for a couple of years until she met Faye and found out that she was a gijinka. Maggie might be quiet and scary on the outside, but she's nice and friendly on the inside.

I hope you like Maggie and please join the PGR Club :3

Dedicated to Otomi Babii

Pokemon Fan Art
gijinka, maggie, mismagius, otomi babii, pgr, pokemon, revolution
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