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Jamal Dilag
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Look, guys! It's my old Kingdom Hearts OC! 8D Yeah. I don't think any of you remember him. >_>;
I wanted to re-design him.... because I want to draw him for Cherryshock's challenge. xD; He's like a completely different person! But whatever.
Here's a character profile...

Name: Jamal Dilag (Can mean "Handsom Beauty". xDDD)
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Hometown/world: Centro Flura (I MADE THAT UPPP. xD I got it from the spanish words "downtown" and "flower".)
Special Talent: Knows a lot about plants. Not just the facts about plants, but each individual plant's "personality". He also has some Hand-to-hand combat ability.
Likes: All things natural. (PLANTS)
Dislikes: People.
Personality: Insociable, mentally unstable
Keyblade: Tsubomi (which is japanese for "flower bud")- It can limpen and grow, then used as a whip. It requires a lot of techinque to use it effectively. It's very useful for getting items from treasure chests that are far off. (Don't you hate it when you can't reach a treasure chest?) The... "key" part of the keyblade are like rose thorns... however, they're rather blunt and not very effective. The flower on the top of the blade can release a sleeping pollen-type magic, but that doesn't really help when you're fighting against heartless because... they can't exactly... y'know... sleep... I guess... >_>
SO PRETTY MUCH, IT'S A CRAPPY KEYBLADE. He's more of a fan of hand-to-hand combat. xD
UM.... since I don't have much of an imagination, I haven't thought about why he has a keyblade yet....
I also don't care that his keyblade doesn't match his outfit. DDDD:<
Love Interest: None
Bio: Centro Flura used to be a town that was immersed with flowers and exotic plants. Jamal lived 5 years of his life in this pure, organic town. Those 5 years were probably his happiest.
However, a few months after his 5th birthday, Centro Flura went into massive industrialization. In just a year, the town had disposed of nearly all of the exotic plants, and had set up factories around the town. More people started driving cars and cell phone popularity increased. Jamal was devistated by the destruction of nature. He tried to consult his parents, but they were completely engrossed in the industrialization and increase in technology. When he knew that his parents no longer cared for the way the town used to be, he began to hate people. He hated all the people in his town. 10 years later, the town of Centro Flura is completely industrial. Jamal doesn't concider the town his home anymore. He often wanders out of the mainstreets and into the forest on the edge of the town.
Because of the industrialization, a poisonous (but not deadly) smog has covered the town. The smog has caused Jamal some mental damage, and he became mentally unstable... which means he's a little insane. When he's in the forest, he lets all the feelings come out. However, that causes his feelings to all blend together, and has a delusional and surreal state of mind. (does that make sense? xD)
He has a strange perception of what plants are, and believes completely that plants' lives are much more important than humans. He talks to plants and genuinely thinks they can hear him. He has the ability (or appears to have the ability) to understand a plant's personality and feelings.
HE'S ALSO LIKE... PLANTSEXUAL. Due to his mental instability and his hatred towards humans, he appears to have a sexual attraction to plants. ...Which, I'll admit, is a little weird.
Sora comes to Centro Flura via Gummy ship one day, and ends up in the forest Jamal is always in. Likewise, he meets Jamal. Jamal's immediate reaction to people he doesn't know (especially when he's in the forest) is to make them leave, or attack them. So... he fights Sora, and loses because Sora's just so cool. After they fight, Jamal explains his predicamen (Predicament = his character bio so far.) Sora's like, "DUDE, MAN, THAT'S TERRIBLE. D:" and wants to help Jamal. So... Jamal decides to like... tag along with Sora while Sora goes to beat up the heartlesss. (PFF. I don't even really know why he goes along with Sora. xD;;; Probably beause he believes that Sora can help restore his town.)
Um... and that's all I have so far. xD;; (THERE'S NO CONCLUSION TO HIS STORRYYY... ;~;) Sorry. I'll think of it later.

SO YEAH! That's Jamal. He's supposed to look Filipino, but he doesn't at all. ;~; Jamal's not even a Filipino name. DDD: But w/e...
...Sorry for the non-existant line art. XD I colored right on top of the sketch.

Dedicated to Unkownrumors because Jamal wishes he was as cool as Noah.

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