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Vincent & Kiyoko Rainy Promenade
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At first both of their eyes were green until I just realized a few minutes before posting this that Vincent's eyes are red, I am so lame lol OTL and apparantly Kiyoko's eyes are supposed to turn red as well when near Vincent, but I wasn't able to fix it so I left it like that XD I hope you still like it ^^; (and I'm soooo sorry it took me forever to actually post this rofl XDD)

I'll try to post more KH oc stuff again since a lot of people seem to miss it XD Truthfully I've been trying to take a break from spamming oc art all the time since last summer-ish (except for b-day gifts of course), I just felt like drawing something different, have more variety and try new stuff and expand my horizons, and I was just intending to take a break temporarily, but it seems I'm not the only one taking an oc hiatus, so it's like a ghost town now, eep XD I guess I'll have to restart the fire again, duty calls~ XD lol So yeah, I'll focus more on oc's on theOtaku and cannon stuff on my dA I guess C: (not a lot of people like my cannon work on here anyway XD on dA it's completely opposite, I have stuff over there that has 80+ and 200+ favs which I never even thought possible for me in such a gigantic community o__o OTL)
I've actually been working on some oc stuff since last month but I just never got to be able to finish inking/ coloring them so it's taking a while XD I even have a Riyoko picture.. (long time no see pairing -u-; the Riyo pic doesn't count XD) it's gonna be more intense from usual tho. Mwahahah XD
I finally finished my exams this week so I'm free~ (not really cuz of homework TuT)

Btw, I've officially been a member on the Otaku for 3 years now as of last Wednesday (January 20) Time flies so fast! XD I'm happy to have shared those 3 wonderful years with you guys C: Hope we have many more years together to come~! >u<


Kiyoko Valentine © fire.freak
Vincent Valentine © SQUARE SOFT/ ENIX (FFVII)

drawn in pen & PRISMACOLOR & RoseArt, Vincent's eyes edited with PhotoStudio 5.5 cuz I'm retarded

Kingdom Hearts Fan Art
kiyoko, rain, rainbow, valentine, valentine siblings, vincent
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