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Memoirs of the Mind: Destiny Islands
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I created this to go with the Audio Reading that I'm working on for my KH Fanfic, Memoirs of the Mind. This was done completely in colored pencil to go along the opening screen style of the KH games (fail, I know...but maybe it will still have the feel XD) and I have a separate line art that I was going to color on the computer for my fan art gallery here on TheO. Then I came across this challenge, stating KH character to be drawn in traditional, not photoshop...so you guys get a sneak preview of the BG when the audio reading hits YouTube X3

Took me about a month to make, that's why I will be having my own challenge to find drawings for the other worlds ^^ Well, I really like the Palm Tree and Heartless in this X3

If you're wondering, the pink blob is a creature called a Contramind...so is the mysterious figure in the background. They're what happens to the mind of someone who becomes a Heartless (like Nobodies come from the body) Then the girl floating by Riku is a figment of his imagination X3 Her name is Zefferia and she is a "What-if"

The story starts out on Destiny Island, so this was an illustration to capture the essence of what happens at the beginning. This was all planned before Birth By Sleep came out, so unfortunately this story is AU if you include BBS (my tragic discovery over the weekend, about contradictions) So if you don't mind the fact that this doesn't work along with what BBS offers, it's a great story with lots of growth, action/drama, principles, and epic conclusion so I'll continue working on this story knowing that it doesn't fit with the cannon anymore >.>'

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