Clyne Lacus (Fan Art Portfolio) ~Stairway to Heaven~

~Stairway to Heaven~
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Hello minna~ ^^
First of all I want to say sorry for being so inactive during these weeks >< I feel bad about it. College has been so busy that I can't even spare some time to login and comment either on theO, MT, or DA. Fuuuuh T.T
Luckily my busy days will end soon and I can be active again :3 yaaaay <3 can't wait to comment on all your works!

This is originally a birthday gift for a friend of mine @ MT xD
I know it's really late =.= I thought I wouldn't be able to make anything for you, but yesterday I tried doodling on SAI and the result was this wallpaper's BG xD first attempt in painting on SAI, and it sucks :P well it looks really good on thumbnails, but when full-viewed it's kinda....messy? Sooooo I added a texture, made by me~~ :D
However, I actually find a good explanation about the messy painting! This wall shows the imagination of a little girl. She is still very small, probably around 3-4 years old, and her knowledge about this world is limited. That is why she is trying to imagine it in her own way, thus it looks a little bit messy (children's drawings are usually messy, rite? :3)

A bit confused to add this to wallpaper or fan art, but on second thought I have too many wallies compared to the fan arts xD

Time : can't count, I just did it little by little whenever I could..xD
Layers : uuuh..24 for the BG, about 14 for the chibi.
Lovable part : the chibi of course..she is kawaii <333
hated part : painted BG ;___; nuuuuu it sucks...:(

Original Anime and Manga Fan Art
blush, brown hair, butterflies, chibi, clouds, curls, day dream, flowers, girls, glow, grass, original, plants, rainbows, ribbons, river, serenity., sky, water
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