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This is my project from 2D design. I'm really really tired of getting low grades in that class so since we have so much time to do this project i wanted to blow her out of the water <_< which i wont. she'll find SOMETHING to complain about... <_< it's going to be the fact half of it's pen ohhh i will DESTROY THAT LADY! >_<_>_<_><

I named this Shelter because of the texture of rain in the background reminds me of the song shelter by Jaejoong(my one and only love |D *shot*) and ....whatever the other guys name is xDDDDD <33333 there's rain in the beginning of the song... i dont recommend listening to it because it gets stuck in your head for days and you can't get it out but it's such a beautiful song ;_; THANK YOU SESSHY!
8D dedicated to reirei because i stole her style to make this so amazing <3 I LOVE YOU REIREI!!!! I hope you like it ^_^

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boa, butterfly, cherry blossoms, flowers, grey scale, jae, leaves, lyricsmisc, orange, pink, rose, somegirl, sunflower, yellow
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