Reenigrl (Fan Art Portfolio) Pshchology class sketch dump

Pshchology class sketch dump
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And today's class sketch dump issue is from... Psychology!
I like that class but I always get distracted no matter what class im in or what im doing.

so I guess im gonna start doing like a little mini series with this whole sketch dump thing for all my classes... which is only like 3 classes. so let's see what happens tomorrow...

This time we have: Team 8! from naruto duh. I kinda funked up Shino's hair... and Kiba's look but hey. it's not like I have a photographic memory of what they all look like XD .. Hinata is :heart: Who dosent love her? she's my babe.

anyways... we have again with us. Dr. Horrible! Im telling you I'm like getting obsessed with it XD * With my Freeze ray I will - Stop the world*

then we are followed again by the giant chinchila like creature and his little owner... aww they're sleeping..

I only drew them twice but I really like them they are sooo kyute... I already started thinking of a story for them.. it's hillarious so far.. the idea of it. little girl get's a pet chinchila. it becomes mutated and they have little adventures of chaos and love. the little girl is Yurika-chan and the Chinchila is Picha-chan... stands for (pettite Chinchilla)

and then twords the end of class which I didnt get to finish I started drawing in Ewok XD

here is the sketch dump I did for English class

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