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My Animeeeeh.
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Hey guys! I got my entry in on tiiiiime!!!! :DDDD Yesss. And it only took me 3 days to draw this one! :D (That's fast for me. -_-;;;) I worked hard on this pic, so I hope I stand a chance in the challenge. xD;;

So anyways. This is for the My Own Anime?! challenge. In this pic is my OC Ichio. I don't have a manga with him in it (I want to make one! D:), but this scene is just him walking home or to school or something.
The hair was really fun to draw! :D I like how it turned out, too. x3 I had to airbrush his red hair dye though, so it looks less like an anime screencap. T_T;; I also had no idea what colors I wanted to use for the clothes... -3-;;;
Oh, and the background was really annoying too. Dx It wasn't too difficult, but that's because I didn't draw any buildings. I was gonna draw some houses, but I couldn't manage to draw them. TT_TT;

I think this turned out pretty good for my first time, I think I'll do another one again. :D

Dedicated to Jinglestanschibi for making the challenge! ^^

Original Anime and Manga Fan Art
ahasi, anime, cell shade, character, digital, fake, faux, gimp, ichio, original, original character, screencap, screenshot
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My own Anime?!
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