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Alrighty guys! I finally got down to thinking of a challange idea.

You know those pictures people draw that resemble an anime screenshot?

The goal of this contest is to create one of those of your own story.

here are some examples of real anime screenshots


or even those pictures that show up in TheOtaku.com's weekly caption challange~

-Nothing too obscene, please. keep it at a level that you wouldn't mind showing a 15 year old.
-No drawing existing anime scenes, or redrawing over already existing images.
-It must have color. sketches and lineart are not accepted.
-It can be your OC's, your friends OC's, yourself, anyone!
-multiple entries are indeed allowed

Q- Can I redraw a scene from a manga/game that doesn't have an anime?
A- Sure, I don't see why not. Just make sure you say what It's from and try to use you're own poses and stuff for the scene.
Q-I'm a traditional artist/don't have photoshop... Can i still join?
It might be harder for you...but I'll accept entries in any medium.
Q-I want to draw my Naruto OC...but Naruto is already an anime....
A- Since OC's normally mean modifying the timeline somehow, I'll accept this. Just don't go redrawing already done scenes.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask via PM or comment C:

Judging Criteria-
Dynamicness and the amount of interest you can capture with that one shot will be the main judging rule. you want viewers to look at your screenshot and think "What's happening?! UF I wanna watch this now!"
For photoshopped entries, I will also look at how convincing it is as a picture. Does it look like an actual screen capture... or just another CG'd picture?
Creativity is key! (headshots are done too much, try something bigger and badder!)

1st Place- A gold metal and CG of the characters in your entry
2nd Place- A silver metal and a cellshaded picture of the characters in your entry
3rd Place- A silver metal and a cellshaded picture of a character in your entry

ALSOeither of the 3 winners may request a fake screenshot, in place of their request picture, done by me, of any scene they choose to describe to me.
Here's an example of how I do them.
just thought that would be a fun option BD

Peace out folks! I hope I did this right +A+

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mikan screenshot ~Sakura Nami
Anime Adaptation!: My own anime?! ~thaoiiees
Episode 46 [fake screen shot] ~
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