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Jigglypuff-sensei and Pikachu-sensei
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First off, the reason this is in the SSB catagory is because 1)They are indeed SSB characters and 2)They're going to appear in my SSB Comic, TAOMAR. So the Jigglypuff and Pikachu in this picture are considered SSB characters.
Second off, the scanner killed this picture. It looks a million times better in real life.

SO! Here's the colored version of Pika-sensei and Jiggly-sensei!! :DDD Yaaaaay!!! I was going through an art improvment with this picture. xD; After working on so many CG pics, I decided to practice color blending and gradiant-style coloring. :D Hahaha... >_> Yeah. I totally messed up Jigglypuff's hair, though.
Since these guys are going to appear in my comic some day, I'm going to give some background info on them. :DDDDD (Even though they're not my characters...)

Names: Pikachu and Jigglypuff (duh)
Nicknames: (Pikachu) Pika-sensei, Pikachu-sensei. (Jigglypuff) Jigglypuff-sensei
Age: Unknown (In human years, anywhere from 20-30 years old)
Gender: (P) Male. (J) Female.
Race: Pokemon. (xD)
Height: (P) 5'1. (J) 5'6
Special Talent: (P) Cooking, Sewing, electricity. (J) Singing, making people fall asleep. (??)
Hobbies: (P) Hanging out in the teacher's lounge. (J) Drawing on students who sleep in class.
Likes: (P) Food. (J) Music
Dislikes: (P) Stuff that taste bad. (J) Slackers.
Personality: (P) Joyful, Supportive. (J) Attention-hog, hard-working.

Jigglypuff and Pikachu are two of the teachers at the highschool in the TAOMAR world. Pikachu is the Home-Ec/Cooking teacher, while Jigglypuff is the music teacher. Yeah. That's all.

Super Smash Bros Fan Art
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