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This was inspired by my friends at school and my liking of the dragonslayers from Escaflowne. During lunch my friends and I usually play cards, despite the fact that cards aren't allowed in school... shh! XD In this picture we have the 5 most famous dragonslayers playing a card game called "cheat."

In the version of cheat that my friends and I usually play, a player puts a card with the next number, after the player before them (player #1 puts down an ace, player #2 puts down a 2, player #3 puts down a 3, and so on). If the player doesn't have the correct number, they lie and put a different card from their hand instead. When somebody calls "cheat" on the person who lied, that person picks up the pile. If somebody calls "cheat" on a person who didn't lie, that person who called "cheat" picks up the pile. Obviously, you realize by now that the objective of the game is to get rid of all your cards.

Anyways! The dragonslayers aren't playing strip cheat; they're just wearing different outfits. Also, they're playing while they're off-duty in the evening (note the poorly-coloured sunset). I doubt that they'd break Dilandau's rules by playing cards when they should be doing soldier stuff... O.O

I was trying to work on perspectives a bit in this, and proportions, but now I realize that the perspective and a lot of their body parts are rather off. @[email protected] By the way, I used a felt-tip pen to ink this, do you think it's better than my old ball-point? I thought it was easier to use, but I don't own a lot of felt-tip pens yet. ^.^;

In case you're wondering, starting at the bottom left corner, going clockwise is Guimel, then Chesta, Miguel Lavalier, Gatti, and Dallet. Also, I didn't make the floor all detailed like it is in the series, because it looked painful. I mean, it was cold, hard metal with large screws all over the place. O.O

By the way, I'll be posting and visiting sites and Worlds this weekend, so don't think that I've ditched y'all! ^.~

Escaflowne Fan Art
chesta, dalet, dallet, dragon slayers, dragonslayers, gatti, gatty, guimel, miguel, miguel lavalier, miguel lavariel, zaibach
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