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Summer ref
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TADA! I got a new ref up for you guys!
Sayura-chan was drawing yesterday and it made me want to so I got this done! ^^

Her outfit stayed pretty much the same. But I changed the keyblade a little.

I also have close ups of all the little parts:
Parts of Outfit
Hair Lenght
Key Chain and Necklace

Summer's kh1 story:
Summer grew up on Destiny Islands with Sora, Kairi, and Riku. The 4 of them were inseparable, until that one night when the darkness came.
Sora was over Summer's house for dinner when the storm arrived. The two of them quickly darted out the door in search of their friends. Sora was first to spot Riku and Summer quickly followed him. Riku was sucked into the darkness leaving Sora and Summer to be swallowed up by the darkness.
They awoke later in Travers Town where they met Leon and the gang. They later met Donald and Goofy. When Donald explained about their mission Sora agreed to go, Summer however stayed behind to Help Leon and Yuffie take care of Travers Town. Before Sora left he promised he would return with Riku and Kairi.
After a few weeks pasted the different worlds were saved and Summer knew Sora had won the battle between the heartless. But she never saw Riku or Kairi, and Sora never returned for her. She had no choice but to travel back to Hallow Bastion with Leon.

Summer's stats:
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Birthday: September 15
Eyes: Blue
Hair: a brownish blonde type color, and is wavy/curly
Weapon: Keyblade (Midnight Moon)
Symbol: Crescent Moon
Personality: Sweet, polite, nature freak, shy to new people, always organized, loves to laugh and have fun, and a little bit of a cults.
Love Interest: Axel

gahhh! I still suck at legs. T_T And there is something about her face that looks strange to me, like a diffrent type of style, but I'm not sure what.

Oh and I won't be on much today because I have this church thing from 1-6 pm.

Enjoy! ^^

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