sbsp13668 (Fan Art Portfolio) The Peaceful Earth

The Peaceful Earth
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Well, I started working on this in the beginning of September, and I finished it just about an hour ago. Yup, I've been rather busy with school work, but the holidays are coming up! Yay! I'll have more time to do stuff, because I asked all my teachers, if they were gonna give any major assignments over the break, and they said that they wouldn't (which means I'm probably going to busy during the March/Spring Break). I'm surprised that I didn't lose interest in this picture due to my short attention span though.

This is Lord Sasarai from Suikoden III the Successor of Fate with a wolf. Sasarai's always reminded me a bit of Cheza from Wolf's Rain (a real nature lover), so he's one of my favourite characters. ^.^ Finally, I've drawn a background! XD Sasarai's bird, Dominguez Jr., is in the background... I wonder what happened to Dominguez Sr. o.O

Sorry for not having it inked; there are a lot of tiny details on Sasarai's uniform, and my pen is too big to ink them properly. T.T I'm still not very good at drawing paws, and I still can't draw wolves' teeth (wish I could). XD

Read the Suikoden III manga, it's awesome! Unfortunately, it's almost impossible to find it in English online.

Suikoden Fan Art
bird, dominguez, earth, harmonia, peace, sasarai, wolf
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