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Ike and Kamui
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And of course after the "Nadeshiko and Kami" picture, Ike would have to follow in after her. XD

What can I say? We're inseparable. x3
Well, except to the fact he lives one hour away from me, but we still visit each other--OKAY, not the point right now... XD

Anyway, I totally LUV~ this one.
Well, of course I would, I mean it's Ike-kun.

So yeah, my favorite thing of this piece?
THE SUNSET BACKGROUND!!! @[email protected]
TOTALLY LOOKS AWESOME (oops, abuse of caps ^^")

I think I may have done some bad proportions in here...
Can't blame me for trying, sometimes my proportions suck when they want to. (AND HERE I HAD TROUBLE INKING HIM!!!)
Anyway, Kamui came out looking nice for this pic. His feathers didn't exactly go as planned, but it'll do. ;O
Why is Ike holding his Ryûsaiga katana? IDY, but he often looks better whenever he has his katana on him. >>

Magic spiral behind Ike, I love it! I'm thinking of using that symbol for the curse mark on his back, (LOLZ 8D) but minus the dots around it. O_<

*NOTE: Changed a few things on Ike. Especially his belt, his bandages (one covers up more than the other), and he has his number on an armband. =] (The armband I thank Unknown-chan from Noah. I liked the band. XD)

That's all! Enjoy, vote, and/or comment! ^^

Ike and Kamui (c) my boyfriend (STEAL IT, WE KEEL YOU!! )
Time of Work: 5-6 hours? (drawing, inking, Photoshopping in total)

Cloud and Magic Spiral brushes (c) link

See the "Nadeshiko and Kami" art: link

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