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Knowing that not all awesome action/adventure T.V. animated series are Japanese originated, I decided it's time to host a fan art challenge focusing on Action/Adventure animated T.V. series that originated and are produced/co-produced in the North American continent (counting of course U.S./Japan-co-productions like 1984's "The Trasnformers"). However, this doesn't include Americanzied dubs of anything Anime. Sorry.

Your work must either be based on one North American animated action/adventure T.V. series or feature a crossover between characters and/or vechicles from separate North American action/adventure animated T.V. series (note that crossover-themed works must be in "Other TV" and carry the tag "crossover TV" since the only crossover subcategory on this site is solely dedciated to Anime/Manga). Your piece can either be traditional or digital. Best of all, no entry limits.

Feel free to ask questions. If you like, I'll be glad to provide you some well-known examples of such a kind of T.V. series. You only have one month to take part in this challenge

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Spiderman and Shell Head ~RickHunter33
Rogue ~Demiyah
Gwen from Total Drama Island ~clueless101
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