Those Hidden Members.

This challenge idea is slightly stolen from Kei's challenge "Man Behind the Cat," but a little different.

For this challenge you can draw whoever you want from the site. If you aren't sure if I'd know them, by all means draw them anyway.

The catch is this; you cannot draw someone whose appearance you are aware of. So if you've seen their picture, don't draw them for this challenge.

Any format or media(medium?) is acceptable. Also, have fun. If you don't want to draw some elaborate portrait or something, by all means draw them chibi or in some silly cos-play.

Judging will be based on the following:
x-Did you follow the rules
x-Did you only make one entry.

Other than that, its really just going to be a matter of conception and humour. I will not base my decision on personal like of the person you drew or the enterer.

Please follow all site terms and rules. Also, if I have a feeling you've drawn someone that actively flaunts their appearance (not someone who may have it on hidden world etc) then I will likely disqualify your entry. The fun of it is drawing someone you've never seen.

With that, get drawing!

You have two months btw.

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inuyahsagrl101 ~Alchemic Mushroom
Ecnelisterger ~mickyodragon
Guessing her appearance ~ecnelisterger
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