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Alrighty you youngsters. Let's see if old me can keep up with these "Challenges" thingy mabobers.

For my first challenge, let's have some fun, shall we? Draw something that represents, or is the problem you see in our world. I tried something like this before, but it ended up as somewhat a complete failure. X3

So let's try it again~!

+ Of course, it has to be theO appropriate
+ Of course, it has to be your own work
+ No racism
+ No nudity (with the exception if you have someone with no clothes(but make sure you sensor or cover the certain areas in some way) and your message is to stop stuff like sexual abuse or rape and stuff.)
+ Try not to put in your political views please. (Like "OBAMA IS OUR PROBLEM")

1st - 2 colored requests
2nd - 1 colored request and 1 lineart request
3rd - 1 linart request

Please go easy on me with requests. ^^; Unfortunately I can't draw everything. I'll try my best to create what you want though. :3

EDIT//: You may submit as many drawings into the challenge as you want, but please tell me which drawing you think expresses your message the best. That drawing will be the one that I'll judge.

Well there's your challenge! You have two months. Let's see who's up for it~

Good luck to you all!

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World tainted with Insanity ~RSRKingdomStars
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