Starscream 'You're My Favourite'

What's the challenge?

I want you to create a piece of art dedicated to your favourite character, person, or pet.

Yes you can draw lots of favourites in one picture
Yes you can mix real people, characters and pets
Yes you can enter more than once if you wish to draw them as single images
Yes you can enter black and white drawings and sketches
Yes you can enter full colour images
Yes you can enter even if you can't draw well

No you can't enter old images
No you can't enter traced images or images made using doll bases
No you can't enter adult content
No you can't enter other people's work (I had an art thief in my last challenge)
No you can't enter photos

Please be sure to add a description of who is in the image and why you like them over all others.

You have one month, have fun guys! Feel free to PM me with any questions that haven't already been answered. (I'm unable to answer comments on this challenge on my tablet, so PMs are the only way I can reply. )

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Miracle Star19
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Tohru Honda, My Favorite! ~
Itachi ~nikkeh09
Jiro Horikoshi ~Hifsa
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