Aurora Borealis TAROT DECK

Hey everyone, this is what Aurora (tsubasachro) and I (Wallpaperotaku)
came up with the other night.

WE NEED TO MAKE A TAROT DECK! Who's with me???!

In order to sign up for your position (a card design), please follow the link to our world and comment on the post titled "TAROT SIGNUPS!"

For the minor Arcana: We need at least fourteen volunteers for each suit: Cups, wands, swords, and pentacles.

For the Major Arcana: We need at least twenty-two volunteers for each card.

We love that some of you Otakus out there are professional, but:
-please do not submit anything professional to this contest, ie. art that you are selling.

Also, we would prefer that if your artwork is currently featured on other websites that it be relatively recent work. That means nothing older than three months.

-it can be original or fanart
-it can be colored or black and white
-You may submit as many submissions as you like (for any card), but make sure you sign up for them in the comments of the world post.
-Each of these cards have deep meaning and we want to see how you interpret them! So have fun!

Here's a link to some pictures from the classic Raider Waite deck!

From the submissions, Aurora and I will choose the winners that will appear in the final deck!


Questions, comments? Post them here or message me!


It was so hard to decide; you all did great!
Congratulations to all of our winners!

1st Place: Death by Alchemic Mushroom!
We both really love your interpretation of Death escorting the character, the air of mystery and the fact that the card is not completely dark.

2nd Place: The Sun by gerychan!
The aura of calm, and the sense that she is bringing the sun toward us, really inspires an emotional reaction.

3rd Place: Tarot Deck Challenge: The Chariot by fluffy sama fan
What we like most about your card is the motion and power driving the character forward; he looks absolutely confident, embodying the card.

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Death ~Alchemic Mushroom
Tarot Deck Challenge: The Chariot ~fluffy sama fan
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