greenLeAfe Underrated and Underappreciated?

Okay, so I'll try not to drag-out this description/intro like I usually do...LET'S GET STARTED!

We all have those favorite characters or characters that we just adore who happen to be underrated, underappreciated, unloved, unnoticed, disliked by the majority, or just plain ol' minor, right?

Well, grab your pencils or tablets or whatever and let's show these characters some love!

Wait, what do I do in this challenge?:

  • Just draw a picture of a character or a few or how every many you'd like from any manga/anime, BUT you must feel that this character is underrated, underappreciated, minor, etc.
  • In the description, please add some words about why you feel the character you drew fits this contest!

Rules, Rules, Rules~!:

  • The character you draw must fit with the challenge requirements I described above! They can be major characters if they are widely disliked or something, just make sure it's not like L from Death Note or something, alright?
  • And of course, you need to like the character you're drawing XD It should be a character that when you see them, you go, "OH GOD. I JUST LOVE MR.BLANKITYBLANKPANTS. WHY IS HE SUCH A (MINOR, UNDERRATED, UNLOVED) CHARACTER? HE'S SO AMAZING!"
  • You MUST include a little part in the description that tells me why you picked this character! I will judge the entries, not only by the drawings themselves, but by the character choice and the reason why you picked the character you did. THIS PART IS IMPORTANT, I PROMISE!
  • You can use anything you'd like! Pencil, pen, charcoal, oils, paint, Photoshop, GIMP, SAI, MS Paint (if you're good at it?)! Doesn't matter to me! But *HINT HINT* colored entries or entries with at least grayscale shading will get higher points, if you will, than just lineart! Try not to submit sketchy sketches, but if you do, clean-up the background a bit?^^
  • Stick to theO guidelines, obviously XD
  • Be respectful of other entries/other artists although I'm sure all of you lovely people are already^^
  • Soft yaoi/yuri allowed^^
  • No OCs, please!


The exciting part and all I'm going to say is TBD! I just don't want to promise things that I won't have the time for, so when this challenge ends, I'll see how busy I am and add the prizes accordingly! There will definitely be prizes though!

Thanks for checking out this challenge, good luck, and HAVE FUN~!


EDIT: Unlimited submissions! Submit however many you want; however, you can only win once!^^ Have fun!

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