Kaagemusha Different Outfits, Same Creative You

Hey everyone! My first challenge ever! Ok, ok like the title says draw yourself different outfits in different shows, anime, or whatever!

Like for example, you like Naruto so draw yourself what you look like in the show,
Will you wear a net glove? Will you have a gourd jar like Gaara? Will you have a ninja headband?
Or whatever

Sooooooooooooooo, here’s the low down:

1) First, draw what you look like here in TheO or your avatar
2) Second, draw at least 5 to 20 outfits in different anime/manga/etc. (if you can fit that many)
3) (EDIT) entires are 2-5
4) And last but not least… comment on you outfits!

Winners will be decided on…….well just do your best and me and my judges (my ocs) will decide

Hints on winning: do the most creative way
you want to display
you and your outfits, yay!!

Prizes: Gifts for all participants! Sorry can’t do any requests or wallpapers or cards or something…yet.

Good LUCK!!!!! And get designing people! You got three months only…..seriously can’t the put a specific date or something!?

Any questions please comment.

EDIT: oh forgot you can draw it what ever you like. Traditional. Digital. Colored. Not Colored. I don't care I just want to see the designs!
EDIT (2) OMG! its almost at the end hurry up!!

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Same Creative Me~ ~harvestmoonluvr
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diff outfits, same creative me ~sakurasista
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