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diff outfits, same creative me

Hi~ So this is my entry for Kaagemusha’s “Different outfits, same creative you” Challenge! :D

Outfit Numba:

1: My Normal me. Lol. It’s winter over here now and I usually like to wear khaki/green stuff (: (Kahki in winter? Lolwut? xD) I have short hair which is now just up to my shoulders :3 but in the drawing it’s shorter than that because my hair is actually like...from the back it’s long then in the sides (where my ears and the side of my neck) it’s really short then at the front it’s long again lol

2.: Next up, off to Cross academy~ Vampire knight uniform rocks <3 I really wanted to cosplay as Yuuki cross last year but I couldn’t afford it D:

3: ~*Vocaloids*~ This time I have reallyyyy long hair :D *misses her long hair The red shirt is ripped in the middle (the zig-zag thing is the rip and I’m wearing a black singlet underneath) And those stripey things on my hands are just a pattern of my fingerless gloves :3 I’m also wearing white knee high socks and black combat boots <3

4: Time to kick heartless’ ass <3 Kingdom hearts outfit. White singlet, black vest, red puffy pant things. xD My keyblade is pure white :O but there are swirls and lines which are black. And a mickey mouse charm chain dangling at the end of the keyblade where the handle is. [kinda boring no? xD]

5: Naruto~ Wearing a short kimono <3 Yeah I may look harmless in this, but think again >D

6: Last but not least..... DEATH NOTE~ Just a shy girl who doesn’t really communicate much but likes to wear dark colours and punk stuff –like Misa Amane- and has a death note because a shinigami dropped it and she so happened to find it ._.;;

hope you like~? ^^

hugs/faves/comments are appreciated thanks~ <3


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Different Outfits, Same Creative You
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