Apocalypse92 The classics revised

Hey everyone!

I've been waiting a long time to be able to make this challenge ^^ This is the first challenge I've ever made, so I hope loads of people will enter =D
So here's what I want you to do;
I want you to make something related to the classic age (Greek and Roman), but than in a modern way ^^ Everybody knows some stories, paintings or statues from those times, and many people love them. But I want to see something new.
Possible ideas are making Icarus fly with robotwings, that kind of stuff.
So for the prizes;
First prize; A gift, wallpaper and a subscribtion.
Second prize; A gift, card and a subscribtion.
Third prize; A gift and a subscribtion

I hope you want to enter, really curious about what comes up...
Oh, you can, of course, enter more than once ^^ You have two months

And use your imagination! =D

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Artemis and the Ceryneian hind ~xrogue kitsunex
Argos and Hermes - revised 8D ~SaxGirl
Pegasus and Andromeda ~Demiyah
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