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Ok, so this is a super girlie and pink card. ^^; Definitely my most ever! But I wanted it to be that way because, well, it's a belated birthday gift for my sweet friend Meagan (innocent heart). Tanjoubi omedetou! [happy birthday] I'm not saying that she's super girlie and all about this pink stuff, unless she wants to be. XD Regardless, I had a fun time with this one! I found the PNG on Aethereality, and the texture on Deviantart! I also used some brushes, other overlays, and blending effects. Then I came up with the text...which actually took some thinking. I wasn't sure what to say, but it came out this way! The thoughts of birthday parties, them dressed up in pretty clothes, and innocent heart's current MyO theme [Disney princesses] really triggered it all.

By the way, these are characters by Koge-Donbo. From Digi Charat, Tiny Snow Fairy Sugar, and Pita-Ten, hence "crossover anime/manga" since they're from different series...same artist, different anime/manga. Anyhoo, happy b-day again, and I hope you guys like this! [It took a half-hour or so. It was going to be a wallpaper, but the image was too small, so that's why I made a card! It's like a mini-wallpaper.]

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