LoveInChains (eCard Portfolio) I want to Break You

I want to Break You

I really enjoyed doing this, the balance took awhile to grasp, and the cut was very difficult, I wasn't quite sure where I wanted to emphasize. I decided to emphasize her terror by only keeping the wide eye and the screaming mouth. The effects done on it are the usual throw a fill layer on and use a brush to wipe some of it away. Got that effect from a few brushes, but I think this turned out okay ^____^. Trying to put some more time into these then the usual 15 minutes or so. This took me a half an hour or so, and I'm pretty sure that if I wanted to I could work on this for hours. ;)

[ x ]

xoxo, Momma Love

Anyone else find the whale embyro/yang sign on the moon to be slightly frightening? No? Just me? Okay, shutting up.

Dedicated to riho88riho who just made an amazing Wand of Fortune wallpaper and the link will lead you to my thoughts on it <3. Keep up the good work!

Lyrics used from makedamnsure by Taking Back Sunday! Tata~

EDIT: Changed the font a little, made it less white. CRACKA.

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Funakura, makedamnsure, Pixiv, Pixiv Girls Collection 2010, Taking Back Sunday
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