Angel Zakuro (eCard Portfolio) get your rebel on.

get your rebel on.

Felcie...I owe you so many prizes...but here is one down. >> And yes, I owe prizes to some other people as well! Thank you for being patient lol!! Anyhoo, Felcie, you said a card of anything. XD But I know you like JR...I think you did anyways cause you love Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi. <3 So yeah. XD Mmm. Here you go!

I used this scan. I was looking for a scan when RuPaul's Get Your Rebel On came on my music then I was determined to find a scan that might portray the feeling and lyrics of the song. I'm sure I could've found a better one, but I really liked this scan. :) Plus I've been watching JR lately, sooooo yeah lol! The scan took quite some time to fix up. As you can see...the person that scanned the image in put their signature on it. .__. Right in a main part of the scan! That's annoying. Seriously, yes you scanned it, but you didn't draw need for the sig...just gets in the way. >> So I had to paint over that and make it look somewhat decent. Then the colors didn't sit well with me lol. Too pale and yet too yellow. So I worked at making their skin tones less yellow while still warming everything up. Some lighting/gradients and a texture...and there you go. XD; The words are lyrics from the above-mentioned song.

Here is the borderless version. :)


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