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Is it really any surprise that I would use Oofuri for this contest? O.M.G. Two Oofuri cards submitted in a row. XD Not like me to do that...making cards from the same series one after another. >>' Lol. But oh well. I used this scan. It had some weird texture on it I didn't like, but I managed to hide it for the most part by sharpening and overlaying and blurring some layers. XD Then I ended up adding another light texture on top. But yeah, I mostly just messed around with sharpening and upping the saturation. :) Then the typography...was trouble. It took a long time for me to settle on something. .__. I don't normally use black for the typo, but it worked for this. I had it red first, but ehhh, I think I like this more. ^^; I decided to go with the red version. HERE is the black font version.

Review time!

Ookiku Furikabutte (aka Oofuri aka Big Windup) is a sports, slice of life, comedy type anime. The sport of choice, if it isn't obvious, is baseball. The main character is Mihashi (<333), a very timid guy that was a pitcher in middle school...but more or less was kicked off of his team. His former team was full of jerks, mmmmkay? Now that he's in high school, he went to Nishiura, a public school. He didn't intend on being on the baseball team, but he ended up being forced (by the coach Momo) into it by happenstance. Anyway, the series revolves around the Nishiura baseball team and their games [so if you have 0 interest in baseball, you might be hesitant about watching]. But the main theme would have to be friendship...and for Mihashi, being on this team helps him be more straightforward, courageous, and accepted. He forms a lot of great bonds with the guys on the team, and win or lose, they support him as their pitcher and friend.

It's a great series overall. I mean, even if you don't like baseball, it would still provide you with entertainment because of the comedy and all of the interactions between the characters. Sometimes the games seem to last a couple episodes too long, but it's not like that's all there is to the show. So if any of the things I talked about appeal to you, then definitely you should watch it. :)

Oh, and one thing I need to clear up is this isn't a yaoi/shounen-ai series. Some people see all the AbeMiha pairing stuff (that I contribute to lol~) or images of the other guys paired and think that this is that kind of anime. But it isn't. There seems to be a lot of incidental BL innuendos throughout the series, but it really isn't a BL anime. (Darn it.) It's just a bunch of cute young guys on a team becoming friends and playing with bats and balls playing the great sport of baseball. So it's easy to confuse this series with BL, but as much as I wish it was, it isn't. In other words, IT'S A TOUCHING AND FUN ANIME FOR ALL.

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