josephine12cute (eCard Portfolio) cheer up!

cheer up!

Happy Birthday Ritona Raito! :D

And Yoseob please cheer up >_<

* Its the great RR's b-day! So I thought that even though I'm going crazy with college, I want to make something for you. This is my first edit using my new laptop. The screen is bright (with no contrast adjustments) unlike my PC (which is until now broken) so I'm not really confident on how this one looks... I'm really not into PS with laptops! XD And I don't have any good fonts nor textures here... I just used a pre-installed font and made some changes (although I don't really use textures recently...). I just wish it would look good D:

* My favorite little Yoseob is facing a rumor about having a girlfriend which is really not true (he verifies it). Sadly, some fans turned their backs on him just because of that stupid rumor. I hate those kind of fans. Yoseob was really sad and it hurts me. They're not true fans... Yoseob don't deserve them and they don't deserve Yoseob. Single or taken, I'm still supporting Yoseob (and B2ST). People should realize that true fans are the ones who will let their idol be happy with what they want... including love life. They're humans... not gods or anything. And you don't have to rage on whatever relationship they are into. Fake fans "disown" someone who doesn't even belong to them from the very start! >:(( Good thing Yoseob is feeling a little more better ~♥ :')

480 x 480 will be posted a few moments later :))

[EDIT] 480 x 480 version

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