Quiet Noise (eCard Portfolio) a girl, the Moon and the rain...

a girl, the Moon and the rain...

my 2nd entry in Pantalaimon1467's challenge

That's just the best card EVER, with a goal!

"I like walking in the rain,
because no one can see me crying..."

a very known quote in a sad seen of romantic anime or dramas

I chose "sadness" as my main theme on this card.
I sure wouldn't want to be in her skin right now, it's very unpleasant, believe me...
To see a girl cry while walking in the rain, from one perspective it can be very romantic, but from an opposite angle it's a very painful experience, to think that you can get so heart that not even the rain can not wash away the pain. To feel that much pain...to always feel something hurting in your chest...that is an indescribable feeling, that I can not imagine right now...To take the place of a person in so much pain and hide it from the others....a very lonely feeling.
I put all the emotions of a broken heart in this card: sadness, pain, sorrow, rejection, abandoned, loneliness...
It's a simple card but it has everything that defines the word "sadness": blue - the color of "blu", a sad girl, tears, the rain, the full moon - loneliness in the night.

scan by Yami
font T__T I can't remember

Work dedicated to twilight tiger, thank you for the great comments on my works, for being a great friend ^___^ and because I promised you a card. Hope you like it...

Minna, hugs, favorites and comments all appreciated !

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blue, elemental gelade, full moon, girl, moon, rain, tears
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That's just the best card EVER, with a goal!

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