alexea arescia An Angel or a Demon?

Alright!For my very first challenge...
In the first place, it's very obvious that my challenge is all about an Angel and a Demon...I dedicate this challenge to Twinkles, because he/she gave me a great idea of making a challenge...and I thank you for that Twinkles!^^
Anyways.......Well, let's get started...

I just wanted you to make one card about an Angel or one card about a Demon.In other ways, I wanted you to pick what you like, and make a card about the one you have picked...But!the trick for my challenge is, I wanted your words to be in German language, in Swizz language, Italian language or in French language.Then just pick the language that fits in your artwork...

I'll give you some examples: ,,


- Maximum of 3 cards per person
- No Yaoi/Yuri
- Please give the link
- Please pick high quality pictures
- Follow TheO's rules
- Fan Arts are not allowed
- Put your user names on bottom of the card
- No song lyrics
- No repetition of pictures

I'll give you 2 months for the challenge.I hope many members will join the challenge...And!If you have some questions, please let me know^^...

Well, that's all... I wish everyone a GOOD LUCK TO ALL!!! and thank you!^^

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daqween Zhivago von Darke PandoraxHearts Oni hime
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~essere il mio Angelo~ ~yuuki fiedell
.:demonic smile:. ~TwinkLes
Lange Vergessener Engel ~Angel Satina
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