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We all have someone we need to dedicate our works to right? So I'm starting this challenge with e-cards first.

The Challenge;

<> Create an e-card for someone in theOtaku, and use only a word in the e-card. Yes, a word that says everything or anything (related).
<> It can be any word, maybe a word that they liked to use, or a word that describe them or even a word that made you think of them, or any word.


<> Just a word, other will be your signature. XD
<> I accept any type of e-card.
<> Can be yaoi/yuri since most of the members liked that type of e-card, but please consider my poor heart and make it looks decent, or innocent like how most say it.
<> Unlimited entry since you might have tons of people you want to dedicate to.
<> Anime/manga source please? :D
<> Credits please?
<> And no eating while creating the e-card.


1st Place- 3 gifts containing words that describe you, and an e-card.
2nd Place- 2 gifts containing words that describe you and a half e-card.
3rd Place- 1 gift containing word that describe you and a butterfly kiss.
*I will investigate more about you before I send the gifts >D*

So, got any question?

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Out of this world ~IchigoShirayuki
Loud ~MFran
speechless. ~Angel Zakuro
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