T_T modification failed....

the drawings probably wont be around
because when i modified my post yesterday
to put a clearer version of the drawings
it said success but when i went to check on it
it was failed and the drawings were gone

i'll try to fix it next week

Randomness >:3

Just A Random Video For You Parsnips And To Say Thanks For Giving Me Guest Poster Status :3

KYAA IT'S THE BADGER SONG!!! xD -dies laughing-

^_^ My World?

my world...
it's a place where you can post anything you like to post


you can post anything you feel like posting here

here's a pic of mizore ^_^
i really like her she sometimes reminds me of me

Thank you!! :D

A huge thanks for zyxcixen for adding me in guest poster so here is my 1st post... I am not sure what is your world about, but since you posted your artwork, I'll do the same as well!!

My favorite drawing so far... It wasn't too hard to draw, except I had difficulties in the outline looks a bit messy, but overall it's my favorite... Created by me imagining the winter scene, with plenty of brushes!!

uchiha sasuke

here's a couple of old sasuke drawings i did
i really think his hot
even if he's now on orochimaru's side
i'm still his loyal fan