maybe i'll move it ^_^'

hehe... i was thinking of moving the drawings and make it as a fan art submission
i wonder if this is ok?

Finally i found him! ^_^

i finally found him!
afer almost 10 years of search
finally i found him!

aside from sailormoon,
this character is also one of the reason i got into anime so much

he's the 1st bishounen that i loved

but unfortunately, i only saw him on the tv just once...
plus i didn't know the anime or even his name...
only his image got stuck on my mind all this years...

i just kept wondering who's that floating, metal bound, red guy...

but yesterday, i finally found him!

Nataku of Soul Hunter

i'm so happy i finally found him ^_^

DJ 623 or Mutsumi

here's a pic of DJ 623 or Mutsumi of Nana 7 of 7

m (-^_^-) m modification success!!!

finally i fixed it
it's back to normal

although the pics i post are still just camera taken pictures that i adjusted in contrast and brightness

well, i guess it cant be helped since i don't have a scanner or enough money to pay for scans hahaha....

but anyway, at least now i'm relieved that this world is back to normal ^_^

zyxcixen's art in Effect XDXD

Um, I just love the art of Yuuki that you dedicated for me, so I decided to add some textures and effects...

Here is the result :

Hope you'll like it!! and once again, thanks!