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Atemu : Listening to music really relax your soul... huh Kaiba?

Kaiba : ..... yeah I guess...

YGOTAS : YuGiOh 5D's Special


A new band is rising since the famous band Team Satisfaction has broken up due to Jack's awesome voice.

And it seems like Yusei has a new girlfriend..
haha enjoy!

Battle Royal! Deja Vu, Acceleration!! (?)

I just browse around the internet and stumbles on a forum talking about the YuGiOh! 10th Anniersary: Bonds Beyond Time movie and came across this topic.

It is said, in honor of Yu-Gi-Oh!'s 10 anniversary, they have announced a crossover ova featuring Yugi/Yami VS Judai VS Yusei!!! *fangirl scream* They are in the works although the title is not confirm yet. Also, they all maybe riding on D-Wheelers for this Battle Royal!!

Yusei: Judai....you better go get a motorcycle license first before this crossover is really done and released
Atemu: ...I need a tutor for this in advance

More info, read this Forum!!

I hope for this to be a reality!!! I'm SO gonna watch it when/if released!! Gonna be an EPIC three way battle between the Kings from different eras!! :D

Kaiba VS The World

Lol I love how Yugi's expression is and the Joey tackle

Enjoy more abridge people!!

YGOTAS Ep 51 - Death of Tristan Taylor

Hey there! Back with more updates on YGOTAS episodes ^^

I really love how Duke and the Big 5 guy battle against each other with their theme songs ^^. Makes me laugh haha

As for the previous episodes in this world, I will try to replace them if able to find another one.

Well enjoy the video~!

YuGiOh: Zexal


YuGiOh : Zexal, the 4th Series of YuGiOh

The main character of this anime is Tsukumo Yuuma (AKA Lionhead fish XD)

Nah, just kidding but that's what people kinda label him as to join him with the rest of the seafood-hair protoganists XD

Yugi/Atemu - Starfish
Judai - Jellyfish
Yusei - Crab

Well enjoy the Promo trailer