Imm backkkkkk boyyee

Ok its been a while but im back now S/O to @Thedarkeclipse an creshen death

so gettin back to story line Karuma is on a search for naruto uzimaki blah blah blah so the action starts wen he confronts naruto about the issue(read earlier story)But naruto seems disinterested and says karuma is going to have to make him
So Karuma faces his first fight against 1 of the most brilliant ninjas in the hidden leaf. Naruto takes no time and performs shadow clone jutsu to charge up his rasengan, Karuma sits back laughing his tale off whats is going thru his mind
Naruto gets irratated and uses his rasengan then Karuma uses a substitution technigue then performs the tukouya klan techinique(whih is wen he takes control of the iron running thru the blood vessel of his oppennent) and sends Naruto flying without almost any problem. Naruto throws a demon wind shuriken at him which hits him dead in the center of Karuma's body then naruto perform his oh so famous uzimake barrage and sense this is Karuma first battle he is left worn out but is still not ready to throw in the towel so he uses every figment of chakura he has left to crystal ice mirrors jutsu which hits naruto dead on soon after Karuma faints Naruto realizes he is unconscious and then ..... to be continued